About the story of Marion's Placemats...

I like decoration, furniture with a story, old books... I started to be interested in placemats a few years ago. I was then looking for an original idea to enhance my tableware and the placemats I found did not suit me, not elegant enough or too much seen in decoration shops.

But practicality was also important to me. I thought it was easier to make a nice table with plastic placemats that were immediately clean with a sponge than to have fabric placemats to wash and iron.

So I came up with the idea of laminating old notarial deeds of my grandparents, an original way to bring them back to life and amaze my guests! The "Vintage" collection was born. The "quotations" collection emanates from my passion for books and my literary training: I appreciate these little phrases, gleaned during my readings, which invite reflection, often with a lot of humour and poetry.

Liking mixtures and originality, I propose in my shop different themes (travels, delicacies, paintings, music ...), different textures (fabric, wood or stone ...), different styles (baroque, design, floral, vintage, literary ...). I like the idea that all tastes are in the nature and that we need variety so that everyone can find the placemat of his dreams !

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